Your Authentic Self…who are you?


My authentic self is a African American black female born in 1955 in Andalusia, Alabama. I am the oldest of ten children and swore that I would never have more than two children. Today, I have two grown daughters, and one grandson and one granddaughter.

My maiden name is Beaman/Beamon either way, it’s spelled is correct . There were no other families that lived in my hometown with my last name. So, I always wondered, who were my fathers family and where did they live?

I did not know, and my father certainly didn’t talk about his family. So in order to find out exactly who am I, my journey started more than 15 years ago. Today, I know that I am a descendant of slaves. My great grandfather Archy Beaman, born in Virginia in 1800, was owned by a man named Abraham Beaman, that lived in Pike County Alabama.

And through my MtDNA, My Authentic self is per my 23 and me’s DNA Report is as follows:

Unassigned 0.4

My Maternal Haplogroup : is L3b

I descended from a long line of women that can be traced back to Eastern Africa over 150,000 years ago. My MtDNA, was copied from my mother Pearl who got it from my grandmother Rebecca, who got it from my great grand mother Lucinda, who got it from my great great grandmother Abbie, who got it from my great great great grand mother Milly. Unfortunately, I don’t know who my great great great great grandmother is. Who got it from my great great great great great grandmother. It goes on and on.


Neanderthals (Homo neanderthalensis) were a group of ancient humans who interbred with modern humans (Homo sapiens) in Europe and Asia before becoming extinct around 40,000 years ago. Neanderthals looked a little different from us, and are thought to have exhibited complex social behaviors.

I have 73 Neanderthal variants.

In order to tell others exactly who you are…… first you must know the Authentic YOU.


2 comments on “Your Authentic Self…who are you?”

  1. That’s great to know isn’t it. I want to trace mine which will probably be similar to yours. I look at things the way they are today and tears fill my eyes as I think of what they had to endure, knowing they were strong. I see many who think we should sit back and Twitter our thumbs while some pull up the worst incidents then pass it around as they make a mockery of how bad we are. Never thinking or showing the accomplishments we’ve made in America. It’s sad how that individual is the first to say they have lots of black friends but only get alone with one at a time. People will show you you who they are. SAD.

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    1. You are so right about people today. However, my motto is to limit the amount of time I spend with negative people. I will not allow their nonsense into my world. Anyway, it’s not hard to start your journey into the life of your ancestors.


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