Have you ever had anyone give you something or compliment you when you weren’t feeling your best? How did it make you feel?
We are living in a mean, cruel world, and it seems this generation have one way of seeing things, There is no in between.

Today, my niece will be laid to rest. She was one of those people that only saw everything her way. She was only 38 years old when she passed away one weak ago. The last time I saw her was at her Grandfather funeral.

She had this look of disdain for some member of her family: my husband, her mothers’ brother. I said to her, Trina, what is your problem, all she could say was how she is being treated? I didn’t understand what she meant. So, I asked whos treating you bad. She replied to my family.

She had this hate in her heart for a man that did what he could for anyone in need, including her.

Sometimes, it’s best to leave it alone, because people have to come to terms with what’s happening in their lives and stop blaming everyone else for their struggles. That’s what my husband did.

The irony of this is…she died without burial insurance, and her Uncle shows his sense of kindness toward her by helping his sister bury her child.

People should realize that the person you are holding a grudge against, might just be the one that pick you up in your time of need.

Rest in Peace Katrina…and no matter our differences you are still loved dearly.

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"Life is like an onion; you peel off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep."

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