Racist and racism

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From Amanda on Have mercy

What’s it like being so obsessed with the “EVERYTHING I DISAGREE WITH IS RACIST” narrative? Sounds exhausting

Amanda is a word press blogger

Amanda doesn’t know anything about me, yet she made the statement above. She decided to judge me based on my post. Did I sound like I was obsessed with calling everyone I disagree with a racist? In my opinion, no, I did not. I made a statement which happens to be facts.

I could say that Amanda is young and have no idea what it is like to be discriminated against and judged then if I said that I might be wrong! So, let me put it to you this way Amanda..you sound like an individual that could really be a racist and not even know it. Why? Because of your statement and question. You were sarcastic.

Racism is the belief held by members of the race in power that all other races are generally inferior. When the President of the United States blatantly use words that belittle, put-downs that create hate and discontentment towards any ethnic group is racism, in my opinion.

By no means should it be acceptable on any level?

So, I say to you, Amanda, your statement does not define who I am or what I am. You don’t know me and have no right to make a blanket judgment. You did so!


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