Telephone evolved over the years. Below are a few of the changes in the style.

Types of Telephones

includes rotary dialing phones, candlestick phones touch tones, and cordless phones.

Exchanges, Tap Dialing, and Rotary Dialing

The first rotary dial was invented in 1896. Prior to that, telephone owners would have to push a button on their telephone the required number of pulses by tapping in order to call a number. Understandably, the rotary dial was seen as a superior alternative to this system. By 1943, the last button tapping telephone had been phased out.

Candlestick Phones

Candlestick phones were popularized throughout the 1890s to the 1930s. The candlestick phone was separated into two pieces: a mouthpiece that stood upright (“the candlestick”) and a receiver, which was placed in your ear when you were placing a phone call. By the 1930s, these types of phones had phased out of fashion as phone manufacturers started combining the mouth piece and receive into a single unit – a trend that continues to the modern day.

Touch Tone Phones

The first touch tone phone was invented in 1941. These phones used tones in the voice frequency range – much different from the pulses generated by rotary dials. You pressed the buttons on the phone to make a phone call.

Cordless Phones

Cordless phones started to hit the market in the 1970s. In 1986, the FTC had released the frequency range between 47 and 49 MHz for use by cordless phones.

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