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Recently, I received a letter from Perfection Collection, offering me a settlement amount for a debt owed. 

I am like, hold up, wait a minute, what the hell is this about? 

So, I called the company!

The person on the telephone said I had signed a contract..for what I said? An alarm system, what, when did I do that?

 Then she preceded to tell me that my tenant could not get the system because of bad credit. I was confused, so I said I never signed a contract or authorized anyone to use my name.

So please send me the contract showing that I signed it.

A few days later, I got the documents. Once again, I am pissed because my name is typed on the contract as the primary buyer.


Holdup way another minute… this isn’t my signature. My name is typed under the signature line…but my signature is not written on the signature line. It was my tenant’s signature…his name.

 Not mine!

How did a financial company approve a contract that clearly showed the name and signature for the primary buyer did not match? Nor did they have my written permission to check my credit.

Total idiots.

The worse part of this is…these dishonest idiots reported to the credit bureaus that I had defaulted on a $4, 353.00 loan.

And had the nerve to tell me that once the debt is settled in full, they will cease collection activity and delete the account from my credit report.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and now waiting to found out if the company responds. I seriously doubt they will. 

Hell to the no. They will not get a penny from me.

 I will be suing. Because it is against the law to use my name and check my credit without my permission. 

 Beware of a company named Vivint Security. They have offices all over the United States. They have a long extensive history of misleading customers. There are loads of complaints filed against the company with the BBB.

Legal Action Taken Against Vivint
Government action was taken against Vivint regarding the company’s alleged misrepresentation of provided services and for employing an unlicensed company agent. Other complaint issues involved trouble with service cancellation, the installation of faulty equipment, and pushy door-to-door sales reps. Read Vivint reviews below to see what customers have to say about these topics and the security company overall. 


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