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Amish men drinking while riding a horse-drawn buggy equipped with a stereo system were pulled over by deputies in Ohio early Sunday morning, according to reports.
Deputies from the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Department said they stopped the buggy just before 1 a.m. in North Bloomfield, but the two men fled into the trees as the horse continued down the road, WKBN reported.
The deputies said they found a 12-pack of Michelob Ultra in the buggy, several of which were open. They also found a sound system installed in the back of the vehicle.
The deputies subsequently towed the buggy and found a temporary home for the horse, where it will stay until the owners come forward, they said.


This is so hilarious…those men jumping out of a moving horse and buggy! I can just visualize how the police officer was looking when he had to pull over the non-motor vehicle; only to find out that the men were drinking and driving.

Not only that they had a pimped out buggy with a stereo playing music!
This goes to show that even the Amish men have a difficult time not partaking in the English mischief.
Jumping out of a moving horse-drawn buggy had to be a sight to see.
That Officer will more than likely be the butt of many jokes to come.

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