I done told you bout telling all them lies!

Behind the scenes at the White House, all of the idiots gotta be freaking out right about now. Scared to death of being implicated in the coverup scheme. Obviously, they have got to come up with yet another dam lie to conceal other lies told by, and criminal offenses committed by the manipulative condescending and incompetent resident in the Oval Office.

The American people should be furious with the cowardly Politicians whose secret agenda is to find ways to discredit the one individual honest enough to come forward with compelling information concerning wrongdoing within the government. It is disgusting how they’re defending Donald Trumps’ compulsive lying ass.

Instead of condemning the whistleblower, perhaps you vindictive fools should try to do just the opposite. He/she would have been remised if the information presented was over-looked and deemed not urgent enough to report. Would have been a sure-fire way of yet another country interference in our elections.

Shame on you, Donald Trump and associates!

Most importantly, if what Trump did is not an impeachable offense, what the hell is?

Are you blundering idiots listening to yourselves? It is as clear as day from the night; what “can you do us a favor meant.”

The treasonous ways of one man…will be the downfall of many others.


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