Why is this important?

Why? Well, for starters… what’s happening within our country is a dam nightmare! How dare anyone in a political office treat us…(The American Citizens) like we are idiots. The Devil is a lie. 

The bottom line:

Personally, I find the actions and behavior of Donald Trump disturbing and unbecoming as Chief-In-Command. Some of you may think differently…that is your choice.

Meanwhile, I believe that #trump supports are in the minority rather than the majority. Meaning more people dislike him and his unpredictable ways.

The most important part:

It is time to appeal to those of you in the majority. Please do join me and others who have already signed the above petition. There is no money involved, just a little of your time…and your signature.

Let’s get the movement started by sending a bold message:  ENOUGH OF THE DAM BULLSHIT

There is power in NUMBERS uniting for a just cause…Defending our Democracy! 

Now, here is the big question…will you read and sign the petition?


By Jusmee (aka Essie)

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"Life is like an onion; you peel off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep."

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