What the hell.in black and white

These folk is telling lies on Donald Trump. “WRONG”

The impeachment of a president is serious, and it would be an injustice to the people if he is not held accountable.

I am so tired of listening to Trump and his supporters try to explain away his clear-as-day abuse of power. I am guessing that they are hoping that the Democratic make blunders and screw-up this investigation with infighting. That’s one way to slide out from under the weight of accusations.

What kind of IDIOTS are you?

Do you really believe the majority of Americans are believing that sack of shit you fools are trying to sell? It’s a dam shame!

The pieces of evidence are “IN BLACK AND WRITE.”

It’s all there. Trump incriminated himself…”I would like for you to do me a favor” and the favor was to open an investigation into JOE BIDEN, a political opponent. He run his mouth excessively.

I would have to say Trump fears the competition.

He KNOWS…it’s gonna be hard as hell for him to get

If Donal Trump wasn’t his own worst enemy, maybe just maybe he would be able to walk away with a clean slate. But, we all know that ain’t happening. His time in office has been tarnished by his own doing.


The moral of the story is:


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