Do not mess with Me…u heard me!

No …I’m not an angry woman! However, don’t mess with me!

Because an Angry Woman Is…


As I have my own way of communicating my feelings, and as an Angry Woman…when I am disappointed or frustrated, I actually try to approach the person to work out the problem. It’s men that typically run away from the problem. Not us women. However, when we distance ourselves, you better believe its a sign, something is very wrong, or the problem is significant to us.

Not talking about “it,” whatever “it” is, could be a woman’s way of saying for “I’m too afraid to bring this up because I’ll be hurt” as a result of the communication.


LET me be… Everything is going to be okay.

I’m an Angry Woman

The “silent treatment,” or You are invisible, is a sign a woman is so angry that we can’t trust ourselves to talk the anger. 


Goodbye … lose my number.

Don’t lie to me, WOMANIZER, “be kind enough to tell the truth when your ass gets caught up in a web of deceit. Especially when you have done been BUSTED. The only person being played is you. See, the cleanup woman knows how to trap you; and your wife knows how to figure it out.

The thing is if you gotta screw around, don’t stand in the door blocking me, leave me alone so that I can find the right man since you have proven that you won’t keep that pencil in your pocket; and you dam sure can’t be trusted.

Just so that you know…once a cheater, always a cheater. It’s just like being an alcoholic, you don’t have the willpower to walk away. That’s my opinion.

In Deep in thought.

Just because I don’t think aloud doesn’t mean there aren’t a million thoughts running through my mind. I need to be silence to make sure they’re in order before going on about my business.


What did I tell you?
I done told you!

They say that hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. If you’ve managed to make a woman so mad that she’s speechless, you might want to prepare a very well-thought-out apology/reason or prepare to run far and quickly. In her mind, she’s probably thinking about the best way to release her anger without completely losing her cool.


Happiness doesn’t always need to be announced. I can simply be pleased with the way my life is going and just leave it at that.

I don’t think it’s worth the effort to explain myself!

I may disagree with something you said or feel that a remark you made was uncalled for. Sometimes, it’s just not worth trying to get the other you to see my point.


Although they say laughter is the best medicine, sometimes I have to reflect on what happened. Then consider moving on. If I am too distraught, I see no need to involve a friend or family members, see I would instead process my emotions all by myself.

 Enjoying the moment.

Whatever my sentimental moment is, I will be silent because I want to remember it exactly as it’s unfolding.

Just because you can’t hear that earthquake doesn’t mean the floor is not shaking.   Silence is often my way of revealing loudest screams, so stay tuned into the static. 

Taking the high road.

don't mess with me
I’m so mad.

After all, has been said, and talk is useless; Instead of hurting myself – or hurting you – I choose to let things go.

Going through it!

She is hurt. She wants to withdraw and heal. The solitude comforts her, and she knows she will be better after being on her own for a while.

Dealing with it on my own.

She’s tried going to others for advice in the past, and she has learned that getting them entangled in her problems just makes things more complicated. She knows she has the strength to deal on her own, and that’s exactly what she’s doing.

I am done

Everything has become too much for her. She’s at her wit’s end, and she just needs space and time.

Gotta be strong

She knows reaching out will not help. As much as she wants to talk, she knows everyone will benefit from moving on. She’s strong, and she’s letting things go.




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