Everyone is different in one way or another.


A person that don’t believe in sugar coating the truth about anyone or anything.

I don’t believe in ideal gossip…spreading rumors and taking anyone words out of context.

I don’t beat around the bush…people should stop being so dam opinionated when all of their sentiments are just plain EMPTY WORDS. No meaning or value at all.

I mean if you care so much about someone in need you are gonna do more than talk…you take action.

I can be emphatic, or, I can become a cold-hearted individual.

My opinions are just that …mine. So…what?

One that believe in giving respect, and demand respect in return.

I don’t harbor hatred or dislike for any person. I can like you , but dislike your attitude or the bullshit you bring.

Have no problem in admitting it when I am wrong.

Have the ability and foresight to understand sometimes you gotta let it go.

I know precisely my PURPOSE for being here on this earth.

EVERYDAY, I try to always stay TRUE TO MYSELF.

I am NOT a what-to-be-Christian.

I don’t believe going to church and listening to the word is going to get you into heaven.

I never allow the OPINION of another to define who I am.

Keeping it REAL is my motto.


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"Life is like an onion; you peel off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep."

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