Porch Pirates is the name given to those thieves that steal packages from another person’s property. This is just about the craziest thing ever; whole up, wait a minute, allow me to rephrase this..it the dumbest thing ever; Why? Cause These idiots know that most homes have cameras on the property, yet they continue to grab the packages anyway. Thinking only about whatever is inside the box.

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Despite all of the cameras, some Porch Pirates casually walks up to the packages slowly picking the box up, then take off running down the street with the evidence in tow. In what seems to be an effort not to get caught.

One thief, literally backed his car into the driveway, casually picks up the boxes…putting then into his car. Get this, the homeowner got the whole thief on tape including the car’s tag number.

This kind of thief is like an infectious disease, it’s happening everywhere. I am positive people are sick and tired of it. I know if it happens to me I would be mad as hell.

Here again is yet another act of thievery

Unfortunately for the dude riding the bike, he picked the wrong house. As he approach’s this particular home, he saw a package, jumps off his bike, ran toward the front door …grabs it. Suddenly, low and behold the home owner busted thru the door with a gun waving it in the air chasing the foolish thief; he took off running as if he was in a football game running towards the goal to make a touch down.

Well I suppose he did make a touch down, he held on to the package, but left behind his bike.

If you’re looking for something to make you laugh…google porch pirates.

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That being said… in St. Paul a Porch pirate left this note. Read more here

This individual was a total jackass that felt the need to further add insult to injury. Under the circumstances, this kind of nonsense can make anyone go ballistic.

You work to buy what you want and need, only to have it stolen.


Finally, in California, one police department has been using the bait package system since the summer in order to improve efforts to solve cases and make potential thieves think twice about grabbing something from a porch, especially during the busy holiday season.

Christmas time is prime-time for the thieves to take your packages. So beware! Check out ways to prevent here

Happy Holidays from my home to yours.

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