My handsome Grandson Ethen…nickname Man Man

I am off the clock… and don’t know what to do now! Today school starts back after the holiday season. However, I have been fired from a position I have held over three years. 

See, my baby girl moved herself and her baby boy to Howard County, from Prince George’s County in Maryland, where I live.

Which means MAN must change school. My final duty came right before Christmas on his last day at Clinton Groves; it was a sad time for both of us, more so for him. 

He said…I don’t want to cry!


But of course, he did shed some tears, so do I. However, for different reasons. I know how difficult it is to leave a place you are familiar with, to go into unknown territory, with unfamiliar people. 

However, there is something about Ethen that draws people in; he is young in age and old in spirit. He is not shy, not bashful, and very much his own person. His personality is big but humble.

That being said, Ethen is type 1 Diabetic; as such, he must be monitored at all times. In the beginning, it was very hard on him. He doesn’t like having diabetes, and would often voice his opinion about it.

Diabetes is a life-changing event that affects everyone in the family. However, it doesn’t prevent a person from living a life full of excitement and adventures.

Just ask Ethen he will tell you so!

His outlook and enthusiasm led to him being chosen two years in a row, as the face of the University Of  Maryland age 8 and 9 years old.

2018 and 2019

His smile can warm the coldest heart!

The joy of having grandchildren…is somewhat different from having my girls. Mainly because the grandkids are not totally dependent upon me.

Their mothers are the primary keeper.

Time has moved forward very quickly, and so have Ethen. He no longer that little man that couldn’t read, so you could overlook a lot of details when having to explain something to him.


Once he started school..all bets were off. He could read, there was no way to omit anything from his view quietly.

Oh well…I am off the clock, feeling greatful and blessed in the beginning of this new decade; Enthusiatic about the new year and all that it will bring my way.

I am Essie…I am Jusmee!

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