Child abuse
Child Abuse.

There are so many important topics that should be talked about by the News Media that aren’t front-page news.

Of course, the Impeachment of a President is important; however, should it be the main topic of all of the News Outlets?

The outrageousness and the deplorable ways of Donald Trump is always the main topic. This scandal is ridiculous and takes away from issues such as “Children in Foster care.” Being talked about.

Every day a child is abused and neglected by an adult in the home. Those actions by the caregiver cause harm or substantial risk of harm. When maltreatment occurs, the child is removed from the home; which further traumatizes them.

These children are powerless, and most often their voices go unheard.  Which, by the way, intensifies the already traumatized children. No child deserved to be treated this way. 

That being said,  my opinion… is unexceptionable.

Furthermore, it is necessary for those involved in the life of a child to Recognize, the signs of child abuse. Although the signs may be subtle or overwhelming and physical signs not present. Sometimes children don’t show signs of abuse at all. If you suspect some sort of abuse trust your instincts;  Suspicion of abuse is enough of a reason to take action.

On the other hand, don’t go about making wild accusations that have no truth to it. 

Here are possible signs to look for:

A change in the child’s behavior, personality or activities.

A desire not to be around a particular adult.

A sudden decline in school performance

Sexual knowledge

Meanwhile, if a child talks about being abused, listen, Respond by, let them know that you believe them, not to mention asking simple open-ended questions to get facts necessary to report. Here

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