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Without a doubt, Williamsburg, Virginia is one of the most iconic places anyone can visit. Recently, I spent the weekend there on January 10-13, 2020 as a birthday gift to myself. I love history and visiting historical places.



As a person of African descent, walking the places where slavery started: I cold help wondering whether this may have been a place that my ancestors were at some point in time. I found out through research that my Great Great Grandfather was born in Virginia in the 1700s, born into slavery.

My DNA says that I am 75% African. This means to me that I am African on both sides, paternal and maternal.

My African DNA

This area was the birth of this country and So, I wondered if his parents were among the slaves. Perhaps they were, but I will never know that for sure.

For the most part

Walking in the area is like walking back in time, see the historic places are just as they were long ago. Although visiting the area makes me a bit saddened, what’s most important is getting a feel of how hard life was for the people.

The Yorktown battlefield takes you back to places in time where history started. Also, the American Revolution Museum tells the story with exhibition galleries.


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