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The Admiral Fell Inn the home to boarding sailors, a vinegar bottling factory, and shipbuilders developing the Fell’s Point seaport in Baltimore, Maryland. The Inn has grown and changed over the years, while still maintaining the 18th-century aesthetics and warm hospitality.

The Main lobby
In the lobby entrance

According to former guests, room 413 is the most haunted room in the hotel. A former guest checked in one night and didn’t come down for several days. By the time the front desk sent workers to the room, the man was long dead.

Some claim it was natural causes, but others claim he was a victim of the mobsters littering Baltimore at the time. Housekeepers and maintenance workers feel so uncomfortable in the room that some refuse to even go inside. They feel an eerie cold chill sweep over them, see shadows moving from the corners of their eyes and feel a ghostly presence in the room. Though room 413 might be your best chance to see a ghost, you might experience other strange things at the Admiral Fell Inn.

Room 413 is called the Stodder

Haunted Rooms of the Admiral Fell Inn
Room 413
admiral-fell-inn-haunted-hotel admiral-fell-inn-haunted-hotel admiral-fell-inn-haunted-hotel—frightfind.com

Inside room 413

Is room 413 really haunted?

To answer the question is room 413 haunted—let’s say it depends on the individuals sleeping in the room.
Unfortunately, after making the reservation, I decided to read the history of the hotel and found out some new details.

Subsequently, I also read some of the critiques made by others.
Most of the critiques were about the building and other related issues, all of which was not a concern for me. Because some folk is never satisfied with anything, so I decided to reserve my opinion for another time.

Well, I continued reading, and what did I realize? This one particular review saying that they were in room 413 and commenced to hear strange noises. Also, I found out that a man supposedly died in the place.

That info got my attention someone dying in the. yet;
For the most part, I didn’t think much about being placed in the room; I figured that the chances of us being assigned room 413 slim.

Oddly enough, my thoughts were WRONG, as you can see from the photo below, just how wrong I was. In that respect, it was room 413. Jokingly, I said to the front desk employee, “I heard that room was haunted?”
Of course, he’d heard that as well. Then he proceeded to say, let me know if you want to switch rooms. We kept the room and made our way to the room.

Our visit January 31- 03 February

Upon opening the door to the room, it was freezing, so we turned on the heat. Eventually, after settling down for the night, falling asleep, then being awoken by the sound of water in the bathroom sink running, it was as if someone was using it.
Then, I began looking around the corner into the bathroom and saw nothin

The closet space
Bed in the room

Right away, I thought it was just my imagination.

After falling asleep once more, I was awakened once more; this time It was someone snoring beside me other than my husband. The snoring coming from his mouth wasn’t his typical sound. I knew it was him, but his snoring wasn’t him.

Once again, I thought— my imagination is working overtime.
Anyhow, the next morning, I told my husband what I heard!
Subsequently, he said you got scared, didn’t you?

window view main street
Window view in room 413

Step Back in Time

Side of building vote against prohibition from years gone by

Established in 1763, Fell’s Point is a city, state, and National Historic District and boasts over 161 buildings on the National Register, including the oldest standing residence in Baltimore City, the Robert Long House, which is open for tours by reservation. The neighborhood is steeped in history – the streets of Fell’s Point are paved with Belgian blocks, the original stone bricks brought over by trade ships from Europe. Walk them along Broadway and Thames Street where you’ll also see numbers carved into the curbs to mark placements for outdoor market stalls generations ago. In the same area stands Broadway Market, a year-round indoor market built-in 1786. These days, you can still find delectable, locally made food items crafted by Baltimore makers. Fell’s Point is also the last known sight of Edgar Allan Poe before his mysterious death. –https://baltimore.org/request-free-official-baltimore-visitor-guide

Storefront views

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