Speaking up and standing up for yourself isn’t a simple thing —for some people to do.

Less=more With b assertive—frankly it takes courage—if you don’t have it—then dig deep down into the core of yourself and find some. It’s there—but you gotta muster up the courage to find it; before even ATTEMPTING to b assertive. PLEASE—don’t start crying like a baby—if you don’t get it right the first time. TIP 101: KEEP TRYING!

Truth—it wasn’t UNTIL—I got run over by A FEW totality AGGRESSIVE people—that I found my courage to b ASSERTIVE. I ain’t nobody’s dummy!

B assertive
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Learning to b assertive is an ART

1. Have confidence

BE POSITIVE /THINK POSITIVE — Remember the skills and abilities you have, and draw your confidence from knowing you have them.

2. Practice

Practice speaking up for yourself — it helps to build self-confidence; the ability to stand and speak up for yourself will take you a might long way in today’s society.

3. Defend yourself 

Standing up and speaking up for yourself —means having a clear head and enough confidence to defend yourself against someone.  However, be polite, and maintain a calm tone of voice.

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4. Be straightforward

Being straightforward —simply put—  be direct in what you say, what you want and how you want it. There is no if’s—but’s —and’s.

5. B assertive— Be firm—Be Polite

How to do this—do it in an assertive —but none demanding, aggressive manner.

6. Getting Angry—is a NO NO

Doing this —-won’t make other people listen to you; as a matter of fact they won’t take you seriously. So—just a little advice—stay cool, calm and collected.

B assertive

7. Instincts—trust and believe

Dodo—they are inside of you  for a reason, so use them and trust them. The instincts will tell you when something isn’t right—and that you should say something.

8. B-Assertive-Just say no

Saying ‘no’ — Not a bad thing. For the most part—it is the way for you to stand up for yourself because it says that  I won’t be bullied into doing things.


9. Power is a keep-sake —For your sake— don’t give it away—b assertive

Giving your power away —is the  dumbest —quickest way to hand over control of your life and every dam thing about your wants, wishes and desires; You are saying I have no thoughts of my own and that  I’m okay with someone else making decisions for me.


B assertive

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