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The ultimate guide to Bullshit Defense   —when malicious bullshit—creeps into your life — you have to identify the problem and then decide to fix it.  One of the best methods I’ve used is—attacking it with the truth.

All the more because in today’s environment,— you can find yourself engaged in some sort of bullshit stemming from a variety of things:

For instance

1—Relationships: This includes family, friends, and associates. The bullshit  created can be highly riveting. Simply Put—some folk specialized in chaotic bullshit ; and love every moment.

  1. —News and politics: Look at the current state of affairs. For all intensive purposes — runs deep in this sector of society. Some politicians create bullshit all of the time.

The Master of Bullshit

As an example— The number one creator of Bull—is the President of this country. I don’t understand what his supporters see; because from what I see —he is a morally incompetent politician, who is a confirmed liar, bigot, and con-man; who is corrupt at it’s core.

I just don’t get it.

  1. —Work: When I was a part of the working world—I saw the amount of bullshit transacted by both employers and employees;  it was unimpressive, and pissed me off.

A whole bunch of people would complain about it—but never had the guts to take actions to put a stop to the bull—because they didn’t want to be branded as a trouble maker.

On the contrary— I did.t care.  Speaking my truth, my thoughts, opinions are my right; So I could never be silent.

The Grand Platform

4.—Social Media,  is the GRAND platform in-which the world of bullshit rears its ugly head. For instance,—the President of this country uses social media daily to spread his insanity. The sad part—is not only does his followers accept his madness as the gospel—so does he!

People really need to ask questions like, “What’s the likelihood that this is true—or is it total bullshit? Although— bullshit is never-ending—I stand up to it and beat it down with as much truth and integrity as I can summon.

What is more:

—I’ve learned that if malicious bullshit does not harm others—why bother— avoid it at any cost. Because— lashing out with more bullshit–in an attempt to stop the bullshit–don’t invalidate it at all.

Anyway—in case you missed it or you are walking around in a state of Total DENIAL—look at the position we are in right now—because of BULLSHIT created by the President and his posse of ass kissers. Lying and bullshitting is the name of the game.



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