I admit it –I am not an animal lover. Why? Because dealing with pets is much more work than dealing with babies.

To be more specific—at some point, children grow and Can be taught to clean up behind themselves. However, I really don’t believe animals can. Truth is-I just might be wrong about that;  since I know next to nothing about animals and my choice is to keep my distance.

Anyway—speaking of dogs…

  Check this out —In Washington State —a man in a car chase with the police—-however—he wasn’t the driver; guess who? Answer: his dog was the driver and he was the passenger. This fool said that he was teaching his dog to drive. LOL Read more here 

  ESPN writer Mark Schlabach said that his dog ran away from home and wandered onto the field during a game at Sanford Stadium with 86,117 Georgia fans in attendance. Watch video here 

  PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. – Police officers responded to a report of a dog locked in a car “circling the cul-de-sac while in the reverse. Investigators learned the car owner made a wrong turn on his way home—got out of the car leaving it running and closed the door. View video here

Unfortunately—“The dog named Max accidentally hit the shifter into reverse, causing the car to circle the cul-de-sac, leaving the owner locked out of the car “Read more here 

  Watch this—a dog jumps out of the window of a moving car on the highway. Watch video here

Well, that’s it for them dogs; and for everyone’s’ sake, please stay home.


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