Covid19 isn’t going to just go away. Therefore—it would be nice if all of the stupid jackasses— would STOP and THINK before doing something stupid—like:

  • Going to the beach
  • Inviting a bunch of friends over to a bomb fire in your back yard
  • Attending church service

We all must do our part —by:

  • STAYING HOME mostly —only go out when it is absolutely necessary
  • Stop socializing
  • Mind set—Think about all the people that are sick, and have died.
  • Don’t become a statistic

Anyway…below are links to informative information.


Think You’ve Got COVID-19? Here’s What Doctors Say About When To Seek Help is Read more here

Watch video here

Watch video here

#don’t become a COVID 19 STATISTIC

Honestly speaking there’s to many grown ass adults —that act more like children.


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