Dear POTUS 45

Across the United States people are sick and dying from the Pandemic —COVID19. As the leader of this country all responsibility falls on you and your Administration—like it or not.

For the most part —You blame the viral death toll on everyone—except YOURSELF. HOWEVER—YOU are sitting BEHIND the desk in the WHITE HOUSE OVAL OFFICE— therefore all the blame stops at your door.

In addition, It has been reported that you were warned back in January about COVID19; you knew about what  could have happen and you did absolutely NOTHING; below is an excerpt from the memo to you…

The lack of immune protection or an existing cure or vaccine would leave Americans defenseless in the case of a full-blown coronavirus outbreak on U.S. soil,” Mr. Navarro’s memo said. “This lack of protection elevates the risk of the coronavirus evolving into a full-blown pandemic, imperiling the lives of millions of Americans.” Read more here


President Trump says that Democrats are using the virulent coronavirus as a “hoax” to damage him and his administration.
“The Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus,” he said from a campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina. “This is their new hoax.”read more here

Public health and national security experts shake their heads when President Donald Trump says the coronavirus “came out of nowhere” and “blindsided the world.”


And that’s not all— while you weren’t paying attention the pandemic was moving rapidly through the United States. Thats when you started  paying attention.

Now Look at the total cases here:



UNFORTUNATELY, Mr. President under your leadership— this country is  engaged in a horrific deadly nightmare. Something never seen before!

In fact, We are victims of disastrous events that could have been avoided, if the pandemic unit had not been disbanded by you.


“Trump disbanded NSC pandemic unit”

read more  here


A concerned Citizen

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