By extension

By extension— as a whole it is WE and not ME; more significantly, it’s OUR rights, instead of MY RIGHTS in respect to the STAY AT HOME ORDERS.

There is no question about it— some of you people are CRAZY AS HELL. Case in point, those Marylanders protesting against Gov. Larry Hogan’s stay-at-home order. In the first place, what you idiots are overlooking is spreading COVID19. And second, the sick, and will pass due to the virus.
Third, the death toll.


Frankly—I am appalled, and feel that our rights to not come into contact with an infected person will be violated if you idiots get your way.

In this state of affairs, its our rights, not yours. We are all living under the same STAY AT HOME orders.

Accordingly, in that respect there is always a group of people that complains about every damn thing.

For example:

“Unbelievably, in the united states, I actually have been told so you might observe your religion and the state has decided that my faith is simple or nonessential,” Republican Rep. Andy Harris advised protesters assembled in a Salisbury car parking zone on the last stop. The speech was broadcast on the DB web page of Patriot wood, a gun rights advocacy neighborhood.

“I didn’t wake up in Communist China and I didn’t wake up in North Korea… and the next day morning, I may still be capable of go to the church of my choice and worship the style I choose,” he mentioned.

Then to have groups such as, ReOpen Maryland, taking their protest to federal court, joining Del. Dan Cox, a Frederick Republican, and a few churches and agencies in a lawsuit asking that Hogan’s restrictions be invalidated.

It is complete and utter nonsense.

They are alleging that their right to commute, free speech and assembly had been violated, and that agencies have sustained deep losses because of what they call illegal orders.

The Main issues you are arguing about… is not only affecting you idiots; there are many more Marylanders that don’t share your VIEWS.

The upshot of all this is—your lawsuit about your constitutional violations, including the right to enforce their faith is nothing more than political tactics.

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