Mother of black man killed while jogging can’t bring herself to watch video of shooting.

The grieving mother of a black jogger who was shot and killed by two white men while out on a run in Georgia said she has not been able to watch the newly surfaced video showing the deadly confrontation.

What Happened Here is Wrong.Shooting

Video posted online as DA says case of Georgia man \Watch video here who was chased and killed will go to grand jury Brunswick, Georgia (CNN) — The fatal shooting of a black man — apparently recorded on video in February and posted online Tuesday by a local radio station host — will go to a grand jury in coastal Georgia, according to a district attorney.

Wanda Cooper, Arbery’s mother, told CNN on Sunday that when police notified her of her son’s death, she was told her son was involved in a burglary and that there was a confrontation between her son and the homeowner and a struggle over a gun.

They Should Be in Jail For the Shooting!

Father gave his version of events After the shooting, Gregory McMichael told police he saw the same man “the other night” and that he stuck his hand down his pants on that occasion, leading McMichael to believe he was armed, according to a Glynn County Police report.

Citizens Arrest…Why?

In a letter to police, George Barnhill , one of the district attorneys who has recused himself from the case and who saw the autopsy report, wrote that Arbery sustained three wounds during the struggle for the gun.



Without A Doubt…

Two Black Men that shoots a White Person…

They would be sitting behind bars and not walking around. This was a classic case of  another African American man being subjected to this  kind of blind justice. For being BLACK. Their excuses are BULLSHIT.

They had no right to go after this young MAN…damn…damn…damn!


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