Trump’s Coronavirus Disinfectant Usage!

Habitual liars invent falsehoods not to gain any end or even to deceive their hearers, but to amuse themselves. It is partly practice and partly habit. It requires an effort in them to speak truth.     

William Hazlitt


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Tweets, And Twitter’s Response

To the Editor:

Re “Trump Slams MSNBC Host With a Smear” (front page, May 27):

President Trump is outdoing himself on the depravity index, if that’s possible, simultaneously checking a number of boxes as to how a monumentally failed leader and malevolent human being behaves when cornered, and in a time of crisis.

In All Honesty:

As the U.S. Death toll of the coronavirus pandemic reaches 100,000 and continues to climb, a number that studies show swelled because of his administration’s inept and delayed response, the primary thing on his mind remains getting re-elected.

Simply Put—-

he’s multitasked: He’s baited the country into reopening prematurely, which scientists and medical officials state will almost surely lead to more deaths;

Moreover—he’s falsely accused a cable TV news host critical of him of murder;  and he’s made untrue claims about mail-in ballots that he thinks would benefit his re-election chances (“Trump Posts on Twitter Are Labeled for Falseness,” Business, May 27).

Meanwhile, Twitter, his most valuable and effective platform this side of the Rose Garden for the peddling of lies, refuses to remove Mr.

In Other Words

Trump’s harmful and dishonest tweets, including, most egregiously, those involving the false murder claims involving the TV host Joe Scarborough, even as the victim’s family has heartwrenchingly pleaded with him to desist.

Twitter’s wholly inadequate response was applying labels such as “potentially misleading.”

Donald Trump is killing our country, figuratively and literally.

Let’s not let his avalanche of threats and misinformation distract us from the most important thing: voting him out of office and sending him to the dustbin of history, which he so richly deserves.

G. —Sun City, Ariz.

To the Editor:

After digesting Donald Trump’s Memorial Day weekend tweets about people’s weight, appearance and alleged criminality, I wondered how a third grader who stood up and said these very same things in class would have been treated.

A timeout would have been mandatory. His parents would have been contacted. They’d be told his tantrum was a ploy for attention and a profoundly antisocial cry for help.

He might even be suspended pending a psychiatric diagnosis.

How sick must Mr. Trump be to occupy the most powerful office in the world and repeatedly and compulsively throw attention-seeking tantrums?

His naked need for attention and approval is at seriously pathological levels.

What is more….

Won’t the Republican Party (at long last) recognize how sick this man is and how much damage he has done to the nation and the party?

They can right the ship of state by nominating a far healthier and more competent candidate at their 2020 convention, and would win the nation’s enduring gratitude if they summoned the courage to do so.

D L—-West Des Moines, Iowa


In Conclusion, I agree whole heartedly with the sentiment of the person in Iowa and Arizona. In essence, Donald Trump is unfit to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office; and if many of you can not understand that —something is wrong with your thinking as well.

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