The American enemies are watching the President issues orders to dominate people by using brutal force. A reporter and a cameraman were thumped over by a cop LIVE on air after disarray ejected in Washington DC.

June 1, 2020–Washington, D.C. — a cop punched an Australian cameraman and utilizing his shield to strike him in the chest, while another official uses a rod to hit the reporter as the news group tried to escape.

Across the country since the passing of George Floyd, police has utilized poisonous gas, shots and mounted officials to commandingly disperse peaceful protesters close to the White House, so that President Donald Trump could stroll to St. John’s Episcopal Church for a photograph opportunity.

In any case, seeing officials over and again striking an outside news group has left numerous universal eyewitnesses with the feeling this is new, an unwanted area for the place that is known for the free.

What Donald Trump wants is a dictatorship; he has shown it by ordering police to “dominated the streets” and ordered a Black Hawk military helicopter to fly low over the demonstrators in Washington, D.C.

“Presently we are seeing an America spiraling down into confusion, poor administration, social grating, poor policing and poor authority.”

“The city on a slope does not move anymore or sparkles; everything is screwed up and will take years for things to resemble what this country looked like before the reign of the want to be DICTATOR.

 The American Enemies

As an example–“How savage these U.S. legislators are,” Hu Xijin, the proofreader in-head of the persuasive state-run Global Times paper, wrote in a sentiment piece Tuesday.

“They censured Hong Kong police basically for the last’s utilization of poisonous gas and water gun against rough agitators,” he said.

“The U.S. turmoil just started a couple of days prior, however police previously discharged shots at nonconformists before endeavors for quiet discourse were even made.”

Hong Kong pioneer Carrie Lam said Tuesday that the difference indicated Trump had been taking a gander at her area “through colored glasses.”

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