Attacking  bullshit—When I let malicious bullshit in my life go unchecked, it severely limits my ability to enjoy friendly bullshit in the future.

The Two Pillars of Bullshit Defense Combating the malicious bullshit in your life need not be all that complicated it can be done in two steps but before you can fix something, you have to identify the problem.

Since bullshit is so prolific in today’s age, it can hit you from almost any angle, so being ready for anything is the best strategy, but that’s impossible. Instead, a more realistic and decidedly less bullshit way to approach it is to attack the areas where bullshit is most likely to disrupt your life.

News and politics: Due to our own appetite for sensation, the flow of bullshit runs very deep in this sector of society.

If this is the benign strand of the bullshit virus and going along with it could be entertaining, why sweat it? When malicious bullshit enters my life, I stand up to it and beat it down with as much truth and integrity as I can muster.

If it’s malicious bullshit that will not harm others, I may also choose to avoid it. Attacking bullshit with more bullshit does not cancel the equation; it multiplies it. When I let malicious bullshit in my life go unchecked, it severely limits my ability to enjoy friendly bullshit in the future. Whichever decision you make, it’s good to remember that, as long as you want to participate in life, bullshit cannot be entirely avoided.

The best decision for what to do in a bullshit-prone environment will depend on how important the outcome is for you and your ability to afford disappointment both financially and emotionally. When it comes to bullshit, you can get ahead by playing the odds. Examples of Pure, Unfiltered Bullshit Let’s say you see something on the news that leaves you feeling sad, angry, lonesome, or numb (this should not be unfamiliar to anyone).

There’s a high likelihood that the report being made contains factual information, but is presented via a stream of veritable bullshit.


This is nothing but bullshit!


Trump vows to help oust GOP senator after criticism: ‘Get any candidate ready’

AOL.COM 3 hrs ago

Donald Trump wrote Thursday that he would campaign against Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski over her praise of comments made by Gen. James Mattis, who the previous day lashed out at the president over threats to use the U.S. military to put down nationwide protests over the death of African-American George Floyd.

Posting to his Twitter account, Trump vented over Murkowski’s public rebuke and vowed to head to her home state of Alaska and campaign on behalf of her as-yet-unnamed opponent in 2022.

Earlier in the day Thursday, Murkowski told reporters on Capitol Hill that she agreed with the remarks made by Mattis, Trump’s former defense secretary, who said he was “angry and appalled” by Trump’s response to the protests over Floyd’s killing.

“When I saw Gen. Mattis’s comments yesterday I felt like perhaps we are getting to a point where we can be more honest with the concerns that we might hold internally and have the courage of our own convictions to speak up,” Murkowski said.

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