Some people should never be allowed to adopt children. Jennifer and Sarah Hart were regarded by all who knew them as caring and devoted parents;  who had adopted two sets of three Black siblings.

Moreover, they dedicated their lives to raising the six children in a socially conscious atmosphere that focused on love and acceptance.

However, the Hart parents isolated their children to hide signs of abuse.

The calls to the police began just two years after the Harts became parents, while they were living in Minnesota.

After receiving numerous complaints, child-welfare authorities paid the Harts a visit in August 2013 to interview the kids and their mothers.

One investigator noted that the children “showed little emotion or animation.”

Scared to Death

Another tipster told authorities that the kids acted like “trained robots” and that they appeared to be “scared to death of Jen.”

Witnesses said that the children were “extremely disciplined, almost to the point of being robotic,” walking single-file to the bedroom and being told when to go to the bathroom.


More questions

In fact, more questions than answers surrounded the family; because there was no sign that children lived in the Hart family home when authorities entered the house. it seemed neat, orderly and newly remodeled.

A friend whom the family stayed with in California told investigators that Jen ran the family like a boot camp and that “true kindness, love, and respect for the kids was largely absent.”

On Tuesday, March 26, 2018, a tourist stumbled upon a scene on California’s scenic Highway 1 in Mendocino County, 200 miles north of San Francisco, at the bottom of the cliff was an SUV.

The authorities were called and rescue workers arrived, however it was to late.

No one in the car was wearing a seatbelt. It was later determined that Jen Hart had alcohol in her system above the legal limit, and that Sarah and two of the children had taken antihistamines that cause drowsiness.

The system failed the children.

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