Nakia Crawford, an 18-year-old who was a recent high school grad, running errands with her grandmother, was shot in Akron, Ohio, while she was stopped at a red light.
She was shot multiple times inside of the car. Unfortunately, she died later at the hospital.

Meanwhile, the suspect in the shooting has yet to be identified. Still, police are following reports that he was a white male driving a black Mustang with tinted windows.

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan said in a statement, “Na’kia Crawford was a young woman who deserved life and a future.”

For the most part, I fail to understand how any sane person could pull up next to a car and think nothing about shooting the person in the vehicle.

The problem is, though, this person wasn’t reasonable. Nor was he insane…just somebody that wanted to do an evil deed.

So he committed murder. He terminated the life of another person unlawfully. The question is, why?

Some murder for money. Some killers who are mentally sick band their act of shooting is the result of their psychological problems; some murderers commit this crime in a fit of passion.

Whatever that fool’s purpose was for intentionally taking the life of Nakia Crawford, I hope that he is found, that the punishment fits the crime he committed.

What is need more than ever is gun control, which restricts the kinds of guns that can be available for sale to the public?

Who should be allowed to buy them? Where can they be carried? When is it legal to shoot one?



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