Backdoor fun…just use your imagination when you read the following :

Full-time male student looking for thick/curvy female 22-50yo. Rear door entry preferred.

Now tell me what comes into mind? These are my thoughts—this is a young man in heat, and he needs a very ice-cold shower. We are amid a Pandemic, and he is advertising for some back door fun…geez, he is asking for trouble in more ways than one. But that is just my opinion, which matters not.

The is a posting located on Criagist list under missed connections; I really was amazed at what people advertised for on that site. It is broken down into cities and states, I suppose.

Needless to say, I won’t be answering any of the ads.

I found it by way of researching on another site called 363 creative writing prompts because I sometimes run into a brick wall when trying to find topics of interest to me, which would be worthy of anyone else reading.

Subsequently, the site has tons of advertisements just like the one above, and I won’t be running out of this kind of conversation topics any time soon. I think that I am going to make Wednesdays “Missed Connections Day” on my site.

Because it simply amazes me how some peoples mines functions…when it comes down to having a good time. Especially when there are so many people walking around with health issues and not taking medical precautions to prevent the spread of whatever deadly problems they have.

For example, everything listed on the chart below. Honestly speaking, it is all about making choices. You can think before Or you can act before you think. Just be prepared to suffer the consequences of your actions. To the young man stop looking to go into backdoor…OKAY! FOCUS ON YOUR EDUCATION.

Backdoor fun

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