We should never give up on dreaming. Why? Because without dreams what  would life be like…if we have nothing to look forward too? Mine you now dreams are what gives you a purpose in life.

Sometimes we might fail the first time attempting to bright a dream to life and we just give up without even trying again.

Over the years I’ve dreamed about so many things that I wanted to do; for example, I wanted to become a doctor. Well that’s as far as I got with that dream. Circumstances and nobody to turn to for support, I gave up on that dream.

My next dream was to go into the military. Well I made the first step I went to an Air Force Recruitment Office took a series of tests and failed. Guess what I never tried again.

From that point on I was disheartened because there were so many obstacles and barriers blocking every little thing. So, I just went about finding my way in a world that was full of mean and hateful people. 


Luckily, I had the determination and new dreams to bring to life. Such as…becoming a wife and mother of no more than two children.  Girls are what I wanted. Growing up the oldest in a family of ten kids…six of them hard-headed boys.  I just made the decision I didn’t want any.

A funny thing happened, at 21 years old I got married.  Twenty-two had my first daughter, them at twenty-four I had my second daughter.  That was it…as life would have it I couldn’t deliver them naturally. See for reasons unknown I only dilated 4 centimeters with the first and  0 with the second after hours of being in labor.

 Moving forward…I did accomplish my dream of going to college and becoming a supporter of this country.  I got a degree in Business management and spend 25 years working for the Federal Government. It’s never too late, all you have to do is try and never give up!



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