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Hello I am Essie Welcome to Candid Candor my personal blog. I started this blog as a personal and informational site. I have always been the type of person that speaks my truth by being open, honest, and frank in my expression. My site is a platform where I will share my opinions and experiences on all topics related to being HUMAN, instances we are flawed, we make mistakes, gain weight, and eat unhealthy food.

In addition

I learned over the years that living the best life possible, means you need to know what your purpose is. Why, are you here, what are you good at?

At the same time, you must focus on things that truly matter.

Your problems or your purpose where is your focus?
Get rid of the negativity…that includes negative people. This leads to drifting from one thing to another without direction.

Moreover, focusing get even harder to do.

How many times have you said that you would perform a task, set a date to have it completed by, then put it off? Then continue on this path until it is no longer a matter you can continue to put off? There are countless things that can interfere with your motivation; depression is one that will deplete your desire to do anything. You will feel like the entire world is on top of you. Honestly speaking, I know this for a fact, because I suffer from depression and anxiety. Some days I find it difficult to accomplish much during the day. Nevertheless, I have to find something that boosts my confidence and uplift my spirit. One thing I know for sure …is this you must believe in yourself. As well as, you must separate yourself from negativity. Meaning, the negative thinking, and most importantly negative people. Consequently, a moment of weakness can be a single moment that raises your stress level, which leads to your emotions running high making you act in ways you usually don’t do. I learned from experience as humans we make mistake. Everything I touched upon, are things that have touched my life, Finally, let’s be friends. I love to connect with different people and building a real community with real people. So, if you have room for one more friend, here’s where you can catch up with me.