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Who am I?

JusmeeThe Queen

Essie. (Jusmee)

This is me

Well…I would, Say that I am the type of person that could become your best friend or your enemy !

The Choice is up to YOU.

That being said, I am also a down to earth, kindhearted, opinionated, truth worthy, honest and no nonsense human being.

Just call me …Essie Beaman. (aka JusMee) I am retired from the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation. I try to always stay true to myself. Let me explain what I mean by this is;

  • I don’t live my life according what others, friends or foe idea of what I should be doing in my life. I may listen to suggestion, but it don’t mean I will do it. God gave us brains for a purpose and,…that is to THINK.
  • You know when it comes down to using my Brains along with common sense, I think that I have done a magnificent job thus far. I’ve had wins and losses. I’ve been talked about, lied on, cheated on, so on and so forth.

Guess what? Never have I ever retaliated or been less than cordial toward whom ever the person was that defamed or tried to hurt me. Reason being…I learned early in life that TWO FOOLS DON’T MAKE ONE RIGHT.

We live in a world full of EVIL people who could careless about anyone other than themselves.

Why do this? We all have stories to share some good, some bad and some which are crazy 🤪 as hell. They are our life’s experiences. There are endless possibilities of things that matter to me, things that I have experienced, and continue to experience which maybe empowering to many people. Or it might turn out to be just some amusing stories that make some of you smile 😃 and 😂. Who knows?


Circle of Life


👋 Guess what? I know something YOU don’t !

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