The Shoplifter

She was to smart for her own good.

Why is it so hard for people to go out and find any job to make an honest dollar? I realize jobs are not always readily available in certain areas. But, turning to a life of shoplifting; is it ever worth it?

Shoplifting is merely the removal of merchandise from a store without paying for it. I think you know that is precisely what it is. Doing the following things also is considered a form of shopping:

  • altering a price tag
  • removing (or even just trying to remove) security tags and other theft-prevention
  • putting merchandise in your pocket or purse
  • removing an item from its packaging concealing it, among other merchandise.

The stolen merchandise value almost always determines the seriousness of the criminal charge that will result from a shoplifting offense.  

I suppose it doesn’t matter that when merchandise is stolen from stores, the costs are passed down to the customers. Take a look Crime


It’s not worth being embarrassed if you are caught.


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