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What’s happening, my name is Essie (SE) born In the Red State of Alabama within the city limits of Andalusia. So, that means I am a city girl and not a country girl. Although the road I lived on for years was a dirt road. The house my family lived in wasn’t a mansion, nor was it the best looking on the outside.

The inside was quaint. With a room for the girls and one for boys, aside from my parent’s bedroom. There were ten children, six boys, and four girls. I grew up during a time in which children were expected to respect their elders, by saying yes mam and no sir. They were not allowed to get into grown folks business and would get put into place if you tried too.

Unlike today, everything was different; the parents most often were older than 30 years of age. Whenever information about you got to your parents, the messenger didn’t get cussed out, beat down, or called a liar. They didn’t say; my child didn’t do that. Instead, you got your ass beat. Not child abuse, I mean each time you sat down, you would remember what you did or said, and vowed never again to do it.

In spite of everything, living my childhood prepared me for the adult I am today. I have empathy, patience for the most part, honest, kindhearted, and considerate. Being open-minded, confident, and authentic, I have remained true to myself.

I enjoy making jewelry, meeting new people and standing up for and being a voice for children in the foster care system as a Court Appointed Special Advocate.

I am marching to my very own beat.

Looking to meet new people.

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